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Spiritual Economics
The Principles and Process of True Prosperity
Harry Borders
Sundays, June 1st – June 29th   
12:45 – 2:45 pm ~ Room 8 upstairs
Reshaping your attitudes about
money, spirituality and personal property.
This course is a 5 week learner-based class that can enhance the student's ability to prosper and to live life more abundantly. Students will identify areas of their lives that require prosperity demonstrations. Students will develop a plan of action using spiritual principles to reinforce their prosperity goals.
This class may be taken as an elective for S.E.E. credits. Class textbook “Spiritual Economics” by Eric Butterworth will be available in the church bookstore, Awakening Spirit.
Suggested love offering is $10.00 per class.
Harry Borders is a Licensed Unity Teacher, has served as President on Unity of the Palm Beach's Board of Directors, and is a former Youth Education teacher and leader.