The Choice For Connection

The Choice For Connection   We are hard-wired for both protection and connection. Reread that. Or allow me: we are hard-wired for both protection and connection. The relationship between those two hardwired systems is what could be termed awakening. I write these words as a category four hurricane is moving toward where I live here in south Florida. I am riding the waves between protecting myself and those I love from what could be catastrophic effects of an enormous storm, and the moment by moment choice to connect to what is true, authentic, and constant within me. The former feels contracting, and the latter expanding. There is a definite rhythm. There is a birthing happening within me. I have worked far too long at authenticity to claim

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Loving You Is What I AM

Loving You Is What I AM For all the religious and spiritual lip service paid to the notion that God is love there is much lovelessness on display, often in the very places that espouse this teaching. I am personally intent on that paradigm being my unequivocal felt-reality. I am committed to uncovering all lovelessness within me so that I may be a living breathing space of God-love. And that necessitates that I love you. If this Thing we call God truly is love and I am created and contained within It then love is what I am. Period. No compromise. No conditions. No excuses. I am the love that is God and my only God is love. To love God is literally to love love. In

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