R-E-S-P-E-C-T I have always believed and espoused that in order to love someone you had to respect them. That is a hypothesis that I have been questioning deep down in my being. I guess in the broadest sense it is still true. It is most certainly more nuanced than it has ever been before. Our current political climate has been the primary container from which I have begun to question the inseparable relationship between love and respect. Social media has been the screen upon which the evidence has presented. I have read numerous ideological statements from people I love for which I have no respect. These statements and positions have deeply challenged some of my most previously held values. I could barely believe that the name under



ENOUGH You are enough. Please take a breath. Let that it. Let it land. Feel it in your heart and in your gut. You are enough. You have always been enough. Yep. No matter what the culture, education, religion, society, others may tell you. You are already enough just as you are. When you finally know the truth that you are enough you will see that everyone is enough. And beyond that you will realize that there is enough. There is always enough to go around. Scarcity is a scary, mind-generated perception. It feels real and it is not. You are enough and there is enough. Enough said.