SAFE TO LOVE The relationship between love and safety is a profound one, and one that came to me rather late in life. I was a gregarious child that had a natural affinity for easily expressing love, affection, and openness. Perhaps that is true for most children. I can only speak of my own personal experience. I loved laughing, cuddling, talking, touching. I was a feminine male-child, and those were my most prevalent attributes. I was, as I was called frequently, a sissy. I lived way to the left of gender expectation, and it was troubling to my family, my authority figures, and to most people around me. The tribe in which I lived knew there job well and performed it with generationally practiced precision: they needed

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OPEN THE WINDOW I want to experience this day as if I were a dog hanging my head out of a moving car window. I want to feel the breezes and winds of life blowing against my skin. I want to notice every scent that hangs upon those breezes. I want to relax my face, let my tongue hang out, and not care what I look like as I feel myself become one with the wind, the scents, and the sky. I want to go for a ride with absolutely no thought of destination. I want to lean so far into the experience that I risk falling out of the car, and I want to know that the risk is worth the lean. I want to let

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THE LIGHT WITHIN THE WORLD As traditional Bible translations tell me “I am the light of the world.” Well, maybe not. For me Light is not of this world. When I speak of the world I am not referring to the earth or to natural phenomena. To me the world refers to the thought-perceptual systems that govern the individual and collective peoples that inhabit the earth realm. The earth is run by natural order. The world is run by largely illusory and ever-changing rules. These rules are often set by the privileged and result in minimizing the masses. They are fueled by private agenda and molded by greed and a desire for control. This isn’t exclusively true but there is a prevalence that you don’t need to

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