THIS DAY I am beginning to type these words at exactly 3:01 p.m. EST on Saturday, August 25, 2018. I do so mindful that this is the only August 25, 2018 in all of human history. I am also mindful that many people that were upon this planet when those digits ticked into place have are no longer alive. For all those who loved them this is now a significant date in a way that can only be felt in the very depths of the heart. There have also been births this August 25th, and for them and those around them there will be celebrations of this event until said individuals meet their own day of departure. And then another date of significance will mark someone’s heart

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QUIET ENOUGH TO HEAR One of my most favorite definitions of prayer I have adapted thus: Being quiet enough to hear God saying nice things about you. Being quiet enough to hear God saying nice things about me. Wow. So as I am willing to let go of all the theological language, the thee’s and the thou’s and the rote prayers of the ages…as I am willing to stop talking at some far off God…as I become still and quiet and receptive enough I begin to hear a faint affirming whisper right in my own heart. And again, I say wow. I do not think of prayer as something that I am doing. I experience prayer as something that is always happening inside of me and sometimes

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THERE FOR ME? The veils of resisted grief were evident upon his face. “I learned that people are not there for me.” How revelatory those nine words. How packed with programming and imprinting and pain. Oh, me too my friend. Me too. I have learned from multiple examples in my own experience is that it isn’t so much people aren’t there for me. People are just frequently not there. In a culture as pain aversive as is ours it is not surprising to me that others often don’t show up when I am experiencing pain or turmoil. Most people in our world will do almost anything to avoid their own pain. We have become masterful at denial, deadening, and suppression. I personally believe this has far reaching

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I AM GLAD YOU ASKED Tweet: The power of personal commentary to obscure what actually is astounds me! Commentary can shroud what is real, true, beautiful. It leads me to do battle with what is. Am I truly seeing life as it is, or only what I am making it mean? Empowering question for this day. Response: How do you stop the commentary? I am glad you asked. The above is one of my Tweets from this past week, and a question that was posed by a reader. The exchange not only inspired me to answer the question from my perspective, but also gave me an idea for an extension to this blog. I AM GLAD YOU ASKED. What feels truer for me with every passing day

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