CRASH The premise of the Academy Award winning movie Crash is simple yet profoundly difficult to take in: we as human beings crash into each other in all sorts of violent and chaotic ways as unconscious and ill-advised means to connect and to touch.  It doesn’t make logical sense, does it? And yet as I watch this violent and chaotic world unfolding before me, I ponder if indeed it may be true.  In times of tragedy, terrorism, and natural disaster human beings often rise into their most magnificent expression. When looking at demonstrations of the worst of the worst of what humans are capable of there are almost always contrasting acts of heroism, generosity, kindness, and compassion. Superhuman feats of transcendence happen in the middle of terrifying



BUT, IS IT TRUE? There was a time when not only did people believe the world was flat, they made decisions based on that fact.  This is not only evidence of the power of belief. It is also evidence that as beliefs evolve and change, so do the subsequent decisions.  The beliefs that governed my life a few decades ago are largely not the beliefs that govern my life today. That is because for me many beliefs become like shoes that are too tight. If I really like the shoes, I may still wear them for a while. I may choose situations of short duration to sport them. I may need to wear band aids on my heels. But eventually the pain becomes too great and I

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WHAT WANTS TO GIVE? I have long loved the feeling of possibility that comes during the transition between two calendar years. I have shared before regarding the energetic trajectory that is accelerated when many people are focused on intentions, goals, and resolutions. The critical mass consciousness is amped up for around 21 days surrounding the new year. It is palpable to me. I sense it, I feel it, and I personally choose to join in it. The transition into the opening days of 2019 is no exception. While I am finding it to be a bit more chaotic than in years past, the sense of increasing potentiality is unmistakable. I find myself with equal parts of excitement and uncertainty. I am very clear about what I am

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