MORE I have always wanted more.  To say that is most likely not spiritually correct for many readers. And the fact remains: I have always wanted more.  I was directly shamed for that as a child. I would dream of more. Speak of more. Long for more. My authority figures would look down at me literally and metaphorically as they asked, “who do you think you are?” The words were dripping with shame and landed in my solar plexus with a deadening thud.  And so I did my best to suppress this ever-persistent desire for more. When I couldn’t suppress it, I did my best to at least hide it. I eventually came to realize that the more I tried to suppress and hide the inner-more the



PUDDING PROOF I have been on a conscious spiritual path for well over thirty years. I spent my youth in the Evangelical church, and a period of seeming spirit-void bridged those intervening years. All three of these experiences have been vital and even crucial to where I dwell in consciousness today.  I have gathered a lot of information in my lifetime. I love learning. I consider myself a perpetual student. I love ideas and perceptions that pique my curiosity and so expand my awareness. To live is to learn and to grow.  And so, I have accumulated a lot of information in my lifetime. Many facts fill my head. One of those facts is that information does not equate to integration.  I can very easily quote master

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