RIGHT RELATING I have always been surrounded by the exact right mix of people to ensure that my spiritual emergence remains on schedule. That has included people who have loved me as close to unconditionally as I believe is humanly possible. I can count those on one hand with fingers to spare. It has also included people that I swore were sent to this planet just to work my last nerve. There have been a long and winding parade of those. We are wounded in relationship and we heal in relationship. Do not let the tidiness of that sentence fool you. I deeply appreciate the fact that I now recognize the people that have populated my life as precious teachers in my own Soul curriculum. I am

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THE RIGHT TO BE WRONG I have the right to be wrong. There are moments when Life lands in me like a sonic boom of awareness. Such was a moment this morning when intellectual knowledge became felt experience. I have the right to be wrong. Being wrong is my right by virtue of my humanity. Humans are by nature imperfect and fallible. We all make mistakes. We all stumble and fall. Sometimes when we fall, we take others with us. We are unskillful and sometimes unconsciousness. The friendlier we are with that fact the less our imperfection will kidnap us. The friendlier we are with that fact the less we will lead with pretense. The less we lead with pretense the less likely we are to react

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IS THAT SO? Someone recently felt compelled to share with me that there is a less than flattering story about me being told. Is that so? There was a time in my life when that news would have shattered me. I would have stewed in the news, scripting for myself what people must be saying about me. That scripting would have led me to expanding levels of emotional disturbance, distorting my view of myself and those who are reportingly telling the tale. The dynamic of the disturbance and distortion would have been a quicksand that would have sucked me down into myself. There I would have suffered, plotting my retaliation, no matter how subtle it might have to be. I would, after all, still need to appear

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TALK IS CHEAP The older I get and the longer I am treading a conscious spiritual path the more the old adage “talk is cheap” means to me. It is common for we spiritual types to talk a lot about what we want to be true. We often convince ourselves that what we want to be true is in fact, true. That does not mean, however, that it is. Spiritual Truth is beyond what can be thought or talked about. Language is, however, what we have to work with. A big part of our evolution is hearing what seem to be new ideas. I say “seem to be new ideas” because wisdom and Knowing are already within us, just waiting to be awakened. So, we hear ideas

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