For most of my years I thought life was about me. 

I asked questions that came from that perspective. 

What do I want? Where do I want to live? Who do I want to be with? What is my deepest desire? How do I want to serve? 

I was missing the mark. 

I am no longer consumed by a perspective that life is about me. I can fall temporarily into that trap for sure. I do not dwell there for long. 

My questions have changed as has my vantage point. Life isn’t bout me. I am about life. 

I am about life. 

What does life want from me? Where has my path led me to live, and how may I be content here? Who is in my life, and how is our engagement serving our souls? What is life most deeply desiring in and as me? How am I being called to serve? 

I spent so much time trying to construct the perfect life. I missed that I was already living it. 

My personal desires are often not met. There is frequently discomfort inside of me. I sometimes think I should be somewhere different, doing something differently, sharing life with different people. 

It is all a hoax. 

This is perfect. Life is perfect just as it is. There really isn’t any such thing as my life. There is life, and there is my experience of it. When I remember to cooperate with life as it is, there is peace, contentment, and fulfillment. There is connection, harmony, and ease. 

So here is my personal theology. 

God is life. Life is love. Love is light. 

Life isn’t about me. I am about life. I am about loving life as it is. And when I love life as it is my way is lighted. 

I am cooperating in the One Life that is living me. 

And so it is and so I flow.