E-Communications Policy

Unity of the Palm Beaches

E-Communications Policy


This policy includes, but is not limited to, the website, www.unitypalmbeach.com, Facebook“Unity Palm Beach,” Facebook page “Unity of the Palm Beaches,” Facebook group “Unity of the Palm Beaches,” and emails sent by church staff,  leaders & volunteers.


Any material posted in e-format is subject to the same policies we have for posting information within Unity of the Palm Beaches:


            Policy 108 CONTRIBUTIONS AND SOLICITATIONS: Persons not employed by Unity of the Palm Beaches may not enter its premises at any time for the purpose of solicitation of employees or distribution of literature to employees. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to soliciting signatures, selling merchandise, distributing literature, pamphlets, or printed material of any kind on the premises. To provide employees with an atmosphere free of unnecessary interruptions, solicitation and distribution activities by other employees at work area or during work time are prohibited without prior authorization from the Minister.


            Policy 1.1.2 BULLETIN BOARDS: All bulletin boards are reserved for ministry and community information, activities and programs. All items posted on the ministry bulletin boards are subject to review and approval by the Minister.


E-Mails: With the new website, Unity PB has access to a cache of dedicated email addresses that can be used for communication about church business, i.e. Rev.—–@unitypalmbeach.com,contact@unitypalmbeach.com, trish@unitypalmbeach.comshelli@unitypalmbeach.com, etc.Personal e-mails: When sending emails on behalf of Unity of the Palm Beaches and using a personal email address, care must be taken to avoid “signature references” to non-Unity business, commercial enterprises, political parties or anything else that could be construed as being supported by UPB, especially those in contradiction with charitable laws.


Web & Blog Postings

         Events: postings should only reference UPB approved events.

         Comments & Postings: Comments & material posted on the website are subject to the approval of the minister and web administrator. Comments made by other individuals need to be kind, non-invasive, socially appropriate, honoring and respectful, in alignment with Unity principles  and non-commercial, non-political. We will remove any comment that violates this statement.

         Photos: Publicly taken photos only. If an individual requests that we remove their photo, we will  honor that request. Use of minor’s photos must be approved in writing by parent/guardian.