Unity’s Five Basic Principles


God Is the Only Presence and Power Active in the Universe.


Everything  Is   an  Individualized  Expression  of  God. 


Through the Power of Thinking, We Activate Divine Energy That Expresses as Emotion and Manifests
as Conditions. In This Way, We Create Life’s Experiences.


Through  Prayer and Meditation, We Come into a Direct Awareness of the Presence of God.


Knowing the Truth Is Not Enough. We Must Integrate Action with Insight to Evolve, Transform, and Create Positive, Sustainable Change in Our World.


Rev. Taylor’s Abbreviation:

God Is  *  I Am  *  There is a Law  *  I Pray the Law  *  I take Inspired Action!



Our Purpose

We are a Christ-Centric Community for dynamic spirituality.

Our Vision

By actively embracing Unity Principles, we co-create a world that works for all.

Our Mission

Co-creating this Reign of UNITY here, now.

Divine Qualities

Love, Joy, Peacefulness, Acceptance, Compassion, Forgiveness, Luminosity.

Soulful Values

Integrity, Honesty, Openness, Authenticity, Strength, Courage, Willingness



Statement of Spiritual Social Action

“Through our on-going commitment to spiritual social action, Unity of the Palm Beaches contributes to creating a world that works for all by recognizing the Christ Presence in everyone and honoring the sanctity of all life on Earth.”


Ways to get Involved

  • Keep Unity of the Palm Beaches in your prayer energy. Your spiritual support of this work is the greatest contribution you can make.
  • Make it a practice and a conscious contribution to regularly attend services, classes, groups, and events.
  • Give of your time and talents. Register as a volunteer in an area of service that allows you to stretch and grow in spiritual stature. As our Co-founder Charles Fillmore would say “the Truth you know is the Truth you use.”
  • Support Unity through the practice of giving and tithing. Make your donation online when you cannot attend our Sunday service. You may also sign up for reoccurring automatic payments.