What if it is not a problem? 

This is happening, and I am disturbed. 

I am disturbed because I think it should not be happening. 

Because I think it should not be happening, and yet it is, I make it into a problem. 

Problems disturb me. 

It is a problem because my resistance and framing has made it such. 

If it is happening, and I choose to allow it to be an opportunity instead of a problem, I am not disturbed. 

This is happening, and if I make it a problem, I am disturbed. If I do not make it a problem, I am not disturbed. 

So, where is the problem and disturbance? 

The out there is not really the variable. The variable is in here. 

This is happening. I look at it. I feel it. I sense and embrace my initial reactivity to it. I watch the labels I apply and make the connection between those labels and my disturbance. 

I am making it a problem and then reacting to it as such. 

I am making my own problems and disturbances. In so doing I block the opportunity. 

If I did not make it a problem my creativity and innovation would kick in and I am able to follow the flow of opportunity. The flow of possibility. I am energized rather than disturbed. I decide to respond rather than to react. 

Problem or possibility? Decision or disturbance? React or respond? 

What is it is not a problem?