I wrote a series of 40 Daily Reminders some years back that I have yet to publish beyond a workbook version for a class I taught at the church. The book is called THE ART OF SOULFUL CO-CREATION. For some reason I felt compelled to share the first installment with you today. Maybe it will nudge me forward to publishing the finished volume.

In the meanwhile: enjoy.

There is a Universal Essence that precedes and yet permeates everything that is, has ever been, and will ever be. It is a pre-conditioned Is-ness that is imperceptible to the intellectual mind, yet gives way to all thinking and to all thought. It is experientially a vibration, a frequency that is beyond description, and yet unmistakable in its felt sense.

It is the primordial OHM that begets all creation. It is the hum beneath the cacophony of this often-noisy world. It is the Stillness in which all activity occurs. It is the Context of Creation Itself. Every instant is an invitation into the awareness of this Essence. Every moment is an enticement into a deeper listening, a more profound feeling.

This OHM is the Essence of Who and What we are at the level of ONE. Preconditioned, it becomes and yet is never defined by form. It maintains its Is-ness even as it moves in and out of conditioned reality. It is the ONE HOME from which we all have come and to which we will all return. In Truth, we have never left. It is only in identification with faulty perception that we seem at times lost in this realm of time and space. It is only due to our identification with form that we have detached from our Reality as Essence.

We are being called back to the awakened experience of this pre-conditioned state of Being. We are being called Home by Home Itself. We are being urged back to a state of joyful co-creation. There is within the Stillness an urge to consciously Become this Essence OHM. There is the call to vibrate consistently at the frequency of LIGHT. There is an irresistible urging to shine forth in Soulful splendor.

Co-creation begins in a return to Sourced Stillness. Co-creation begins in a deep inner listening. Co-creation is an alignment in the ONE OHM of Universal Essence. Can you hear It? Can you sense It? Can you feel it? It is calling. It is ever calling.

It is HOME.