Day Two of my compilation. If it rings, read and enjoy. If not, bless you.

The Universal Essence of OHM is the Source of all sentient beings and of everything that is. It is in Essence a common frequency that then differentiates via an informational matrix. Everything in form is energy that is quite literally in-formed. It is all energy in the Field of One, vibrating at particular frequencies, which then manifest as experiences and objects.

To speak of Oneness is to refer to this Universal Essential frequency, pre-conditioned in Its Is-ness. To know Oneness is to go beneath the level of form to that which is formless, that which is unconditioned. This cannot be seen by the eyes or known by the mind.

As the mind is an instrument of duality, it cannot in and of its self know Oneness. Essence is beyond yet contains all notions of duality. To experience the Essence of OHM, the heart is the only viable instrument. It is the portal through which Essence is known. It is the crystal resonator which aligns with the frequency of ONE, and then allows the personality self to experience this Universal vibration. This leads us to the actual experience of our Soul, which is formlessness expressing as form in time and space reality.

The heart is the Home of the Soul, the portal for Its Presence. To come into alignment with the Soul, we must quiet the dualistic mind, and enter into the heart portal in sustained stillness. This is the purpose of meditation. Meditation is the practice of vibrating at the frequency of the Soul. It is the entrainment in and with the Field of One. It could be called OHM-ING HOME.

In times of stillness, the content of the dualistic mind is exposed, and when accepted as the nothingness it is in Truth, it calms to reveal the deeper levels of our Essential Selves. To fight the mind content in an effort to “try” and meditate is futile and unnecessary. What has no intrinsic reality is not threatening. The mind content seeks to retain its dominion knowing it is undone by Essence. The less we resist this perceptual energy, the less hold it has over us.

Recognizing we are indeed the Essence behind this content, we can easily witness what passes through the field of awareness, going more and more deeply into the Soulful Essence of the Universal OHM.